KLS Magic Castle Puppet Shows of MassachusettsKLS Magic Castle Puppet Theater(KLS Puppet Shows) has been bringing both educational and fun puppet  shows to schools, summer camps, libraries, and events for more than fifteen years.  Our exquisite castle theater is the setting for a series of shows which feature colorful puppets, music, and lots of fun!  Our shows-  covering such Science Curriculum topics as Animal Hibernation, The Life Cycle of the Butterfly, Oceans, Dinosaurs, Ladybugs and the Rainforest- can be tailored to different age levels from preschool through 5th Grade. Please note our information below regarding our Bullying Prevention Shows Based in the Boston area, our theater has traveled to Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island and  all of Massachusetts.Please take a look at the fun and creative learning experiences we can bring to your location.  Lily the Ladybug  is a show designed especially for Preschools and we have a more advanced show for Kindergartens!     781-424-4864
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Bullying Prevention Programs
We also offer Bullying Prevention Programs.  Let us help your children learn how to respond appropriately to any bullying situation.  In accordance with the  Dept. of Education Model Bullying and Intervention Plan 2010, our programs will  include "a focus on developing specific social skills"  to prevent bullying behavior in children. Researchers believe tendencies toward aggression arise in early childhood and are reinforced throughout the elementary grades.  Teaching children new ways to have power is an important aspect to our puppet performances....ie. becoming a captain of a team. Our shows aesthetically nurture social skills in children such as conflict resolution, positive communication, anger management, empathy for others and building relationships. We address issues pertaining to the bully, the target and the bystander.  For more info, click on "Bullying Prevention" at the above left.  
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